The History

Although the current iteration of this '36 Ford roadster was completed just a few years back, it was originally customized in the 1950s by a bodyman named Ron King in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, just southeast of Pittsburgh. Ron straightened out all of the sheetmetal, sunk '40 Chevy headlights in the fenders, painted it Chevy Bahama Blue and installed '40 Olds bumpers.

In 1955 or '56King sold the roadster to Jimmy Divens of Level Green, Pennsylvania. This was the first time Jon Wright saw the car as it motored through his hometown of Irwin. Divens lived next door to future California Car Cover owner Jim DeFrank. At 15 years old, DeFrank would wash and wax the '36 in exchange for rides around town. "It had a flathead with three carbs and Offenhauser heads," he says. "Jimmy wanted to put a Columbia rear in it, and I helped him do that in the backyard. Then he wanted to put a '55 T-bird engine in it, and I helped with that, too."

Jimmy Divens sold the roadster to Regis Mahoy of Greensburg, Pennsylvania in the late-'60s. Regis remembers it being in rough shape, and he planned to restore it to stock. But after collecting many NOS parts, the project stalled and he eventually sold it to Jack Abrams in 1982. Jack also intended to restore it, but never got further than moving the parts from Regis' garage to his own. And that's where Jon Wright found it in 1997 and embarked on creating the timeless classic you see here.

Perhaps some cars are just destined to be customs.


1936 Ford custom roadster historic image
1936 Ford custom roadster historic images